Spent the morning walking around Belfast. Stopped in a quiet cafe for a hangover breakfast then made my way to a couple of shops I wanted to check out. Walked down south along Botanic Ave and browsed some vintage record stores and charity shops, getting a few things along the way. Found some cute sunglasses for cheap.

On the walk home found a darling little bakery and got lunch. Tonight it’s dinner with friends and then on my way. I love travelling like this.

The constant struggle between paying off debts/accruing savings and buying lingerie.

I had an extraordinary week.

Mist filled mornings, sun that kisses without leaving burns, ruins buried deep in lime green forests, bridges so old they leave me awestruck, winding roads through Italian hills, a day of fog so thick that everything loomed like a dark danger before your face.
Towers to climb, old friends to reacquaint with, new friends to sing and eat and share with, generously shared feasts for harvest and juice so fresh you can taste it start to turn.
Grape vines with fruit juicy like hanging globes, dust like a thin sweat left across your brow during the long walks to the main house, views down valleys, across mountains, walled towns on every hilltop, vineyards on every hill.

I shared some things that will stay with me for my entire life. I want more.

Tuscany, Italy.

Finally getting my photography groove back on. It feels really good to do this for pleasure.